Helping you manage your psoriatic arthritis


Stopping smoking could have a really big impact on living well with psoriatic arthritis.


People with psoriatic arthritis who don’t smoke report less pain and fatigue and better functioning, quality of life and overall health than those who smoke.


Unfortunately, having psoriatic arthritis is linked to an increased risk of conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease). Not smoking halves your risk of having a heart attack. It can reduce your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate.


We know stopping smoking can be difficult. There is support available to help people stop smoking. You don’t need to do it alone. Get in touch with your healthcare provider to find out what is available in your local area.

This Action Plan is designed to help you:

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I knew that not smoking would be good for me and felt guilty about not quitting. It was a real struggle to stop with all the pain I suffer. I made a promise to myself to stop on a specific date, my daughter's birthday. It was tough, but with the support of my friends I have managed to quit and keep it up. Now I don't get out of breath when I climb the stairs.
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Background Evidence

Background Evidence

View the evidence supporting our recommendations here
Tobacco The advice given has been taken from the following evidence, expert opinion of healthcare professionals who look after people with psoriatic arthritis and the views of people living with psoriatic arthritis.
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