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Food and Weight
food and weight

There is no good research suggesting that eating or avoiding particular foods or following a specific type of diet will affect your psoriatic arthritis.


What is more important to help your psoriatic arthritis is your weight. If you are overweight or obese you are more likely to develop psoriatic arthritis. Being a healthy weight is linked to less pain and better functioning.


Being overweight can affect how well some treatments are able to control your psoriatic arthritis. To lose weight you need to change your current eating habits, especially if you find it hard to keep active.


Maintaining a healthy weight is not easy. Make long-term changes to your diet. By eating a healthy balanced diet and cutting down on certain foods and drinks, most people find they can lose weight. Seek support from your healthcare team and find free online resources to help you.

This Action Plan is designed to help you:

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Lots of people I know with arthritis have weight problems. I struggle to keep my weight down and I sat in the chair more because I was in too much pain to exercise. I comfort ate junk food because I was so tired an stressed. I decided to start eating a healthy balanced diet rather than worry about my weight. Since I changed what I eat my arthritis pain  has improved and I have even lost a small amount of weight.
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Background Evidence

Background Evidence

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Food and weight The advice given has been taken from the following evidence, expert opinion of healthcare professionals who look after people with psoriatic arthritis and the views of people living with psoriatic arthritis.
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Food and Weight