Helping you manage your psoriatic arthritis


Psoriatic arthritis can make you feel tired or fatigued even after a good night’s sleep, and this is more likely when you have inflammation, pain and active disease.


There are things we can do to improve how we experience fatigue. Feeling less anxious or depressed, being a healthy weight and not smoking are all linked to feeling less tired.


Our minds are powerful, and the way we think can impact fatigue. Some people find it helpful to focus their attention on how they feel right now, rather than worrying about how they might feel in the future.


Doing too little and doing too much can both make you feel worse. Pace yourself, prioritize tasks and spread tasks out.

This Action Plan is designed to help you:

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I often look fine, but can feel very different on the inside, so I used to try and carry on as if I was fine, but I would end up making myself worse. Now I have found the confidence to tell my friends and family that I need to take things at my own pace.
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Background Evidence

Background Evidence

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Fatigue The advice given has been taken from the following evidence, expert opinion of healthcare professionals who look after people with psoriatic arthritis and the views of people living with psoriatic arthritis.
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